The idea behind Bewelian is to continue the long tradition of taking songs from the British Isles folk scene and making them relevant to who we are today.

We want to invoke and share the stories and melodies that have been handed down generation to generation with the influences that have made us the musicians we are. Simple as that. So come along and see us live...and bring your moves 'cos we want you up dancing!

Bewelian are:
Emma Vogwell

Emma has been playing saxophone and singing for many years - since she was 4' 10" tall! She's still 4' 10" tall but makes up for any lack of height by being an epic musician, consumer of wines, spirits, ales... well... anything with a percentage on the side of the bottle and finally, for putting up with her husband Martin! She is one half of folk duo "The Vogwells" - the prettier half!
Jo Middleton

Jo not only plays a fiddle wonderfully but is easily the most organised person in the universe. Known for being unflappable in a crisis and having a spreadsheet for everything she is to found every summer organising the largest venue at Sidmouth Folk Festival. When not playing for Bewelian Jo plays for both Lassington Oak Morris and the amazing That's Shallot ceilidh band.
Damon Coombs

Damon is a Jekyll & Hyde of the bass world. Most know him for his awesome heavy rock/metal antics on stage with Gloucester band Nukchorris but few, until now, have seen Damon the folky! He's even shown an interest in Morris dancing! An inspiration on the four strings his collection of basses is growing faster than the national debt.
Alex McIntosh

Alex eats, sleeps and breathes drumming - which can get expensive on the dentist bills as cymbals aren't chewy! A passionate musician his ability to jump from one style to another is something special to behold whether he's playing with Bewelian, Cheltenham rock band Carmen or one of many Jazz bands.
Joe Griffiths

Joe is an amazing sax player who plays in more bands than it's possible to mention here (including the wonderful Joliet Jake Blues Band!). When not playing in his soulful unique way he designs websites although the rest of the band believe he's actually the ruler of the universe but keeps quiet!
Martin Vogwell

Martin will stop at nothing... to find somewhere to have a nap! He has a photographic memory although the film ran out some time ago. Martin is responsible for starting off Bewelian although has said that he will deny everything in a court of law! He is mostly just honoured to be playing with such magnificent musicians!

Damon Coombs